Waiting List (FULL)

Spring 2020 litter

Puppies from the February litter are only available to the people on the waiting list. This waiting list is FULL. The next availble puppies will be in the fall of 2020. If you are interested in getting puppy this fall please fill out our "application" for our Fall 2020 litter.

First pick

JoAnne Martin: Picked Male 1 (Huey)

Second pick

Breeders Pick

Third pick

Ashley Deabreu: Picked Female 4 (Brody)

Fourth pick

Jessica Stephenson: Picked Male 5 (Hopper)

Fifth pick

Ruth Raymer: Picked Male 3 (Max)

Sixth pick

Judy Dunn: Picked Male 4 (Kenzie)

Seventh pick

Lisa Haumpt: Picked Female 3

Eighth pick

Manny Frew Clarke: Picked Female 1 (Daisy)

Ninth pick

Kortney Watson: Male 2

Daisy (SOLD)

Manny Frew Clarke's pick

Female 2 (SOLD)

Breeders pick

Female 3 (SOLD)

Lisa Haupt's pick

Brody (SOLD)

Ashley DeAbreu's pick

Huey (SOLD)

JoAnne Martin's pick

Male 2 (SOLD)

Kortney Watson's pick

Max (SOLD)

Ruth Raymer's pick

Kenzie (SOLD)

Judy Dunn's pick 

Hopper (SOLD)

Jessica Stephenson