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August 2024 Puppies

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2023 Testimonals

Here are some testimonials from Faith's 2023 Litter that will give you an idea of personality and service you can expect when adopting a puppy from Loyal Sheepadoodles. Our customers have been thrilled with their new furry family members and the exceptional service they received. We can't wait to help you find your perfect match!



"Bruno is a super fun, playful and loving puppy. He provides us with endless entertainment. We’ve had Bruno for about 2.5 months and he very quickly became a part of our family. Bruno is supposed to be a mid-size dog. Right now he weighs about 20 lbs. He has a beautiful black and white colouring and pretty much everyday someone will comment on his appearance and how good looking he is. His coat is super soft and he’s our big fur ball.  


Our favourite things about Bruno is that he is always energetic and ever ready to go on a walk or play at home. If one of us is away for a short period, he greets us like he hasn’t seen us all day. Lots of licks, jumping, playful tugs, rolling around for a good belly rub.  


Yes, I would recommend adopting a puppy from loyal sheepadoodles. We adopted Bruno when he was about 19 weeks and he was a great puppy with lots of good habits. All our friends commented on how good he is. Josiah and his family did a great job with Bruno.Bruno is also very sociable and loves playing with other dogs. we’re lucky to have Bruno. He’s a well rounded and beautiful puppy."



“Gracie is a friendly dog - wags her tail just waiting to be petted. Loves people & other dogs - VERY friendly!   


They are a very smart dog. Responds to commands & learns new tricks quickly. Was easy to house train & now stands at the door when she needs to do her business.    


Big bonus for us is that she is a hypoallergenic dog! A great size for a mini Sheepadoodle. People are just in awe when they meet her & ask what kind of dog she is.  


The owners are very helpful & friendly with great breeding facilities. Would highly recommend purchasing a puppy from them.”



I’m thrilled to share about Doug! At 7 months old he is 35 ish pounds and he looks like a stuffed animal that has come to life. His unique markings make him stand out in a crowd, and it's not uncommon for strangers to approach us because of his adorable features. He is very popular among our friends and neighbours! He is well-behaved, confident, with a little mischievous side but above all he has a true love for people. Training Doug has been a rewarding experience because of his eagerness to learn. He quickly mastered basic commands and he has impressed both us and our trainer with his obedience.

Our Favourite thing about Doug, if we had to pick 1, is that he fits into our family flawlessly. He is the perfect addition to take on our family adventures and he's just as happy to chill at home with us. Doug equally loves exploring nature trials and outdoor festivals as he loves laid back movie nights, and playing hockey at home. We call him our perfect 4th child.

The process to adopt Doug was very smooth. I explained to Josiah our hectic lifestyle with 3 kids and that we needed a dog that could thrive in chaos, and loves people as we have friends coming and going very often. He perfectly paired us with Doug. Doug is not just a pet he is an extraordinary addition to our family, and the love he brings is immeasurable. Anyone considering bringing one of Dougs siblings into their lives is in for a truly rewarding experience.

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