Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next available litter?

The next litter of puppies will be born in early September. You must be on the master waiting list in order to get one of these puppies. In order to get on the master waiting list you must fill out our application page and send a $500 deposit. Once I have received the deposit I will add you onto the master waiting list! Please read about the master waiting list for more information.

Can I get training for my puppy 

We highly recommend you contact Kelly has a Puppy Imprinting Program that is excellent!  Below is a link to Kelly's website. If you wish to have your puppy trained you can contact her.

Can my deposit be transferred to future litters

Yes! Your deposit can be transferred to a future litter. Picks are always done in deposit order. If anyone ahead of you on the master waiting list also decided they wanted to wait till next litter, then they would get an earlier pick on the next litter since they made their deposit before you on. If you don't get the puppy you want in a litter you can chose to wait for the next litter. Deposits last 24 months, and are non refundable.


What kind of dog food are the puppies fed

We feed our puppies Royal Canine medium puppy food. They are a very high quality and respected dog food. Please click the link below for more information about royal canine.

Royal Canine

What is the master waiting list and how do I get on it?

The master list is a big list with all the deposits in the order that they were paid. Your spot on the master list is based off of when you made you deposit. Deposits are a nonrefundable $500 and go towards puppy purchase.  It holds a pup to your name on our Master Waiting list.  When we have a litter of pups that are 2 weeks old we will go through the Master Waiting list to see if you would like a puppy from that litter. This process is done in the order of the deposits. When we contact you about a available puppy litter please confirm if you would like to pick a puppy from that litter within 3 to 4 business days. If you decide to pass on the litter you may wait for another litter. Deposits are good for 2 years. After 2 years your name dissolves from our list and deposit is kept with us as it is non refundable.  

What is the difference between black and white puppies and merle puppies?


  • Black and white mini sheepadoodles: $2,500

  • Merle mini sheepadoodles: $3,000

Black and white: 

Sheepadoodles normally carry a black and white coat that turns to grey and white as they grow older. 

Merle Sheepadoodles:

Carry more colour on their coats. The Blue Merle colouring is grey and black and can have white markings as well. These colours do not fade like normal Sheepadoodles. The black stays black, grey stays and white stays white. Merles can also have blue eyes. 

How big are mini sheepadoodles

Mini Sheepadoodles range between 25 to 40 pounds.