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Health Guarantee/Contract 

Health Guarantee/Contract for: 


Puppy Picked: 


Loyal Sheepadoodle has provided a healthy Sheepadoodle with vet approval of Good Health and a one-year health guarantee against all life-threatening genetic illnesses. 


This contract includes a health guarantee for hips, heart, and eyes. This contract does not cover disposition, life span, or color. This contract does not cover parasites or anything that can be picked up for environmental reasons.


It is your responsibility to care for this puppy. Please have your puppy checked over by your vet within the first week. If something comes up, let us know. You can return your puppy within seven days, and we will fully reimburse you with your puppy purchase price. After that time, you may return the puppy to us at your cost, but we cannot refund you. We will find a new family for your dog/puppy. If you ever need to rehome your pup, you must return it to All costs associated with the pup after pick up are your responsibility.


If a vet report and test show that the puppy has a life-threatening genetic illness within 12 months from the birth date, up to $1,500 will be refunded, and the buyer keeps the puppy, or you can return the puppy. You can have the next available puppy of your choice from at a 50% discount. We may require a confirmation from our vet or vet of our choice as a second opinion.


You agree to spay or neuter your pup by the age of 8 months. Please submit a copy of your spay or neuter to us when the puppy is ten months old. Without it, this health guarantee will be void, and you agree to pay a $10,000 fee to Loyal Sheepadoodles. We do not sell pups for breeding purposes. Any breeding with this dog, whether intentional or accidental, is strictly prohibited. If you intentionally or accidentally breed a Dog from Loyal Sheepadoodles, you agree to pay a $100,000 fee to Loyal Sheepadoodles. 


Please note that sometimes their tummy gets upset due to stress, and they can have loose stools for a bit as they adjust. Just feed them their regular food for a week before making any food changes.

Training a pup takes much work but reaps great rewards! We strongly encourage you to take puppy classes. We do our best to breed quality puppies, but the outcome is a responsibility and joy you will reap! So all the best on our new pup!


Final Price: 

$500 Deposit Paid: 

Josiah Kraayenbrink: Loyal Sheepadoodles


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