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Auggie x Ozzie (Accepting Applications)

Auggie x Ozzie (Accepting Applications)

The puppies are F2B Moyen Sheepadoodles. They were born on May 27th, 2022. Six boys and four girls. They will be able to go home beginning of August 2022. The puppies are an average 1/3 sheepdog and 2/3 poodle. Regarding character, we anticipate the puppies being brilliant, loving, calm, and gentle! The puppies would be phenomenal for therapy, young kids, and older people. The puppies are black and white, blue merle, and white (blue merle means grey and black and white).

The puppies spend the first eight weeks of their lives in Wingham, where we have a clean kennel with plenty of outdoor space (54 acres) to run around, play, and develop. The puppies stay in a clean, safe indoor kennel with a secure outdoor fenced area. Under our supervision, we provide our puppies with non-fenced space to play, run and develop. During the eight-week process, we spend time with the puppies, take pictures, and ensure they grow into well-mannered puppies. We will update a page on the website with photos and details about each puppy—this allows you to understand the puppy's personality and appearance better before making your selection. The puppies' personalities emerge between weeks five and seven. During week seven, you will meet with the puppies and Josiah over a Zoom call and decide which available puppy is the best fit for you. Following your puppy selection, we will set up your puppy pick update.

At Loyal Sheepadoodles, our certified Veterinarian comes in twice to do a thorough checkup on each puppy and ensure they are healthy. The Veterinarian gives each puppy its first Booster shot once they are eight weeks old. This shot includes Distemper, hepatitis, Parvovirus, and parainfluenza leptospirosis. Each puppy is dewormed for 3-5 days to prevent worms. When your puppy is ready to go home, we provide all the health records. Not only do we guarantee fantastic characters, but we also guarantee health! Check out our health guarantee for more information.

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