I'm pleased to announce the arrival of 11 mini sheepadoodles, 5 males and 6 females, all in good health! Areo, the mother, is a purebred sheepdog. Tobi, the father, is a purebred mini poodle.


This is a repeat litter. So far, customers have been pleased with their puppies and have had no health issues that I am aware of. The puppies could grow to weigh as little as 25 pounds or as much as 45 pounds. The coats of these puppies are wavy. The puppies' coats are predominantly black and white. The black and white puppies' coats may turn grey and white as they mature, or they may remain black and white. Only time will tell. Pink noses will usually fill in as the puppies grow older.

The puppies will not be trained, however they will be socialized. Each puppy will be examined by our vet, given their first booster, and dewormed before the age of eight weeks. After May 6, 2021, the puppies will be able to go home. 

Below I have information about the parents and photo’s of the puppies.

I'm Areo 

"Areo is so gentle, she is very laid back and calm. She greets me with her tail wagging with excitement. She sits at your feet, eyes begging for good head rub. She is a very responsible and loving mother always making sure her puppies are safe. She handles each puppy with care, and raises beautiful healthy puppies. Areo is about 50 pounds and her grey and white coat is straight and soft to touch. Her happy vibes rub off on everyone she is around.


Pure breed Standard Old English Sheepdog 



Gray & White






I'm Tobi

Tobi is a male stud from my mom (the owner of ilovemysheepadoodle). Tobi is one of my favourite dogs. He is a small male and has an amazing character! Tobi is a very social dog, he loves to spend time with our family. It is very common to find Tobi snuggling with someone on the couch. He spends most of his time inside with us and he brings so much joy to our family!


Pure breed Mini poodle  



Blue merle & white

Sept 1st 2017





Male #1

Male #2

Male #3

Male #4

Male #5

Female #1

Female #2

Female #3

Female #4

Female #5

Female #6