Master Waiting List (FULL)


 Breeder reserves 1st and 2nd pick to each litter if desired.   

Deposits are a nonrefundable $500 and go towards puppy purchase.  It holds a pup to your name on our Master Waiting list.  When we have a litter of pups that are 2 weeks old we will go through the Master Waiting list to see if you would like a puppy from that litter. This process is done in the order of the deposits. When we contact you about a available puppy litter please confirm if you would like to pick a puppy from that litter within 3 to 4 business days.

If we do not hear from you within 3 to 4 business days we will continue going down the master waiting list. Your name will remain on the master list and you wait until we have another available litter.

 If you decide that you don't want a puppy from the litter then your name remains on the master waiting list and you wait until the next available litter. 

If you decide that you would like to get a puppy from the litter then we will put you on the puppy pick list for that litter. Puppy picks are done in the order of the pick list. Once the puppies are six weeks old you may pick your puppy! You may either come pick out your puppy in person or do your puppy pick over FaceTime. When it comes to your pick and you don't want any of the remaining puppies available then your name remains on the master waiting list and you may wait for another litter. 

If you pick a puppy the litter you must wait until the puppy is 8 weeks old to take him/her home. If something comes up within these 2 weeks and you can no longer get the puppy you picked then your name stays on the master list and you can wait for another available litter. We will go through the master list and ask if anyone would like to purchase the puppy.  


Deposits are good for 2 years. After 2 years your name dissolves from our list and deposit is kept with us as it is non refundable.  

No new additions will be added to master waiting list until 2021 litter is born

First pick: Sara Foster 

$300 Deposit paid: September 9, 2019 

Third pick: Carman Ciciretto

$500 Deposit paid: April 16, 2020

Fifth pick: Krista Shearon

$500 deposit paid April 20, 2020