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Are you looking for a family raised and loyal puppy to call yours?

Guess what, we have mini sheepadoodles that are due to be born February 22, 2020! There are limited spots available on the waiting list so don't hesitate to contact us. To apply for a spot on the waiting list send us a email using the "get in touch" link. 

The puppies in the upcoming litter are mini sheepadoodles which means they will mature to a weight between 25-40 pounds. They are also hypoallergenic which means they don’t shed. To get on the waiting list a $300 deposit is placed for a spot on the list. The remaining payment ($2,200) is paid when you take the puppy home. The full price is $2,500. Loyalsheepadoodles cover the cost of veterinary needs during the 8 weeks while the puppies are at the kennels. Areo (Sheepdog mother) came in heat on December 11th. Areo has been breed to Tobi, a mini poodle, her expected due date is February 22, 2020. The puppies are estimated to able to go home after April 18, 2020, if they are born on time. Send us a email to apply for our waiting list! For more photos of cute puppies check us out on instagram!


Waiting List

Spring 2020 litter

First pick

JoAnne Martin

Second pick

Sara Foster

Third pick

Ashley Deabreu

Fourth pick

Jessica Stephenson

Fifth pick

Ruth Raymer

Sixth pick

Judy Dunn

Seventh pick


Eighth pick





Areo is a 4 year old, Old English Sheepdog, with a quiet and calm temperament. She has a grey and white coat. Areo is a Standard size sheepdog and weighs about 50 pounds.



Tobi is such a sweet boy! His name says it all! He plays dress up with my younger sister and enjoys being with people. He also has his pass to the local nursing home where he can bring some more smiles. Tobi loves life and brings joy to those he meets. Tobi is 13.5 inches high and 16 lbs. He has passed his OFA prelims with Good hips and normal elbows. Tobi is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. He is a lovely boy and produces beautiful pups inside and out!  He is the father of our merle and black and white mini Sheepadoodles. He is a stud and is owned by ilovemysheepadoodle 


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