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Hello, my name is Josiah. I am 18 years old and am currently studying in high school at FE Madill.


I am living in a rural part of Ontario called Wingham. The place I call home is a beautiful 54 acre property located between thick bush and clear rolling hills. There is lots of space on my property for the puppies to play!


 I have always been interested in animals from a young age. When I was 13 I got my first dog and named her Areo. I am now 18 and am passionate about breeding and raising loving, loyal and healthy puppies.


Over the past years my mother, the owner of, has been teaching me how to breed dogs and run a dog business. My goal is to provide you with gorgeous, well tempered and most importantly, healthy sheepadoodle puppies! 

Upcoming Litters

Female 2 has been SOLD to Glenda La Char

March 2021

Tobi x Areo 

F1 Mini Sheepadoodle



Male 3 is almost 6 weeks old! He is sold

Fall 2021

Auzzie x Auggie 

F1B Standard Sheepadoodle



Spring 2020 Areo'smale 4-6.jpg

Winter 2021

Auzzie x Leia

F1 Standard Sheepadoodle



Covid Protocal

Your safety is our priority 

We want to remind you that our puppy picking process is safe and still possible. Thanks to technology and safety equipment you can still get a puppy.

Contact free interactions

Puppy picking will be done from the comfort of your home. The process will take place over FaceTime or zoom. Photos and puppy updates will all be online.

Proper Protocol 

 You will be able to pick up your puppy once he/she is 8 weeks old. The pick up will be contact free. Masks and medical gloves are required for both the customer and breeder. Your puppy will be given a bath prior to the pickup and payment will be done over e-transfer. Both the customer and breeder will remain 6 feet apart and outdoors.

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Hey Josiah!! Thank you for such a lovely puppy. He has been amazing in his crate, playful and so confident!




Hi, Rigby is a perfect fit for our family including 4 year old Wheaten Terrier Molly. He's a quick learner and a happy little guy. 

Thanks again 

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Daisy is a complete rockstar and we love her so much. She has brought so much happiness to everyone that meets her. What a blessing. She doesn't leave Manny's side and has slept with him since day one. Crate lasted maybe 3 hours. lol