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Our Mission

Loyal sheepadoodles that bring love and companionship into your life

Adopting a puppy from a trustworthy and experienced breeder for an affordable price can take much work to find. At Loyal Sheepadoodles, we understand your challenge. Look no further; We're here to help you. We raise healthy, affectionate, and loyal sheepadoodles that bring love and companionship into your life. We have two puppy litter's a year and have been breeding since 2016. We're here to help guide you through your puppy search so that you can find and adopt a loving, affectionate, and healthy sheepadoodle puppy at an affordable price. 

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Fill out our quick application so we can understand more about you and what you are looking for in a puppy! We will chat about what's available for you.

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3. Pick Your Puppy

We set up a zoom call for you to meet the available puppies. You pick the one that feels like the right fit for you. To confirm your selection, you place a deposit. The final step is to take your pup home at eight weeks.



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