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Welcome to Loyal Sheepadoodles


Are you looking for a family raised and loyal puppy to call yours? With 3 years of experience and lots of happy customers , we pride ourself in raising well behaved sheepadoodles. We are planning a littler of mini Sheepadoodles for the Spring of 2020. Send us a email to apply for our waiting list! For more photos of cute puppies check us out on instagram!


Waiting List

Spring 2020 litter

JoAnne Martin

First Pick


Second Pick


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Fourth pick


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What we offer

Happy Pets, Puppy Care and Veterinary Needs 

Veterinary Needs

Loyal Sheepadoodles we provide each puppy with professional veterinary checkups. We have our certified Veterinarian come in twice checkup on each puppy and ensure they are healthy. The Veterinarian gives each puppy a Booster shot which includes the following: Distemper, hepatitis, Parvovirus, parainfluenza leptospirosis. We deworm each puppy for 5 days to prevent worms. When a puppy is ready to go home with their new family we provide all the health records. You can rest assured that your future puppy is being handled with professional care.


Puppy Care

With 3 years of experience and many clients, you can rest assured that your future pet will receive the attentiveness they need. We make sure the puppies are given an environment that allows them to play and socialize.


Past puppies

This is Levi, He is one of our past puppies. He is a standard sheepadoodle who is 6 months old in this photo. Levi loves people and has settled in very well with his family.


Breed of Dog

We raise a variety of puppies that branch off of Old English sheepdogs. Sheepdogs are known to have a calm personality and very loyal to the owners. A sheepdog's coat colors very between black, gray and white. The regular size of a standard sheepdog is 60 pounds. This picture was one the puppies from our first litter in 2017.

Areo Male 1 - 8 weeks.jpg


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