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F1B Moyen Sheepadoodle

Auggie is a beautiful brown and white F1B Moyen sheepadoodle. F1B means she is 75% poodle and 25% sheepdog. The poodle in her is 50% standard and 25% mini. Her hair is wavy, and her brown eyes are super cute. Her mom, Lexi, is a standard poodle, about 60 pounds. Lexi is black but carries brown and comes from champion lines. Lexi's Dad is a grand champion. Auggies Dad is Wrigley; he is an F1 mini sheepadoodle and weighs around 40 pounds. Auggie stays in a foster home. Her beautiful character matches her looks. She loves to snuggle, but you will also find her curiously exploring her surroundings. If she wanders off too far, I call her name, and she comes back just like that. She is a very obedient and intelligent dog.

The Foster family had this to say about her, "Auggie is a sweetheart. She greets us each day with a level of enthusiasm and excitement as if we've been separated for months. She is playful and curious, but also so cuddly. She lives for a comfy spot on the couch with a chew bone between her paws. She'll nestle in close to fall asleep at night. She is also smart as a whip.. almost too smart somedays! She is easy going and great with children and other dogs. She weighs 50 lbs. Her coat is soft and wavy and has lightened to this beautiful white and oatmeal/light brown color." Stormi Lewis.

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