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F1 Mini Sheepadoodle

Ozzie a very respectful and gentle character; He is brilliant and reads those around him very well. He puts others first and makes sure he behaves to make those around him comfortable, making him fantastic with kids and older adults! Before Ozzie goes and plays with the other dogs, he makes sure to say "hi" to you. He stays with an older couple, and he is super gentle. Ozzie shows a very high level of respect for his owners! He is about 55 pounds and an F1 mini Sheepadoodle.

Ozzie comes from one of our retired mothers, Areo. Areo was the first dog I ever owned. Areo was so gentle, very laid back, and calm. Areo was about 50 pounds, and her grey and white coat was straight and soft to touch. The father was a tiny poodle named Tobi, from ilovemysheepadoodle. Tobi stays with our family, and he is one of my favorite dogs! He is a very confident and outgoing dog that loves snuggles and attention. Areo and Tobi's litter were always fantastic puppies with beautiful looks and genuine and caring characters.

I see a lot of both Areo and Tobi in Ozzie!

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